Help Me Play My Autism Away!

volunteer playing with our autistic daughter

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Hi! I'm 12 years old and I have autism - but not for long! Play with me, cheer me on and offer me fun challenges. Help me learn quickly and catch up!

I'm more than halfway recovered. Don't miss out!

Psychology, pre-med, pre-health professions, therapy and education students: gain valuable CAREER EXPERIENCE,and possible COLLEGE CREDITS and RECOMMENDATION!

Paid positions: minimum 3x/wk, 8hrs/wk.

Volunteer positions: minimum 2x/wk, 5hrs/wk.

Visit our blog at
Visit our blog about Anna's recovery at

Consider joining our "gold medal team" of volunteers! We're using the "Son-Rise" Program in our supervised Milwaukee, WI playroom to motivate and teach our daughter things that are "taken for granted" in normal children but are hard for her.

We're looking for people with:

  • an "open" mind
  • a desire to "connect with" and cure (yes, cure!) at least one child of autism
  • ability to participate 5 hrs/wk minimum volunteering or 8 hrs/wk working for at least 3 months in Milwaukee, WI (East/ Waterfront Area)
  • excited to learn how to be happier, more loving, and nonjudgmental (what our program is based on)

No previous experience needed!

To learn more about our program and take the next step toward volunteering, call 972-849-8550 and/or email, or visit to learn more about Son-Rise therapy in general.

Full recovery using this program is possible, but only with the help of people like you!